The Second Enlightenment- Creating Artisans from Innovation

by Patrick Hearn

The speed of innovation we see today is creating world’s second period of “Enlightenment”.  With the elimination of traditional large-scale “human-sourced work” (as mentioned in our last blog), we have an opportunity to unleash creativity in areas such as Engineering, Medical Science, Art, and Exploration.  

The “Artisan” of the Second Enlightenment is producing the next IoT device such as Intel’s latest smart “eyeglasses” or the creation of “Neural Chips” to support data centers in the Big Data era. How do you create an “Artisan”…And, how does an “Artisan” stay as one?  The answer resides in what motivates Artisanship and it can be found the 49 essential innovation questions from the Innovation Genome.

With Bill O’Connor & Holistic Innovations, you can learn and apply the Innovation Genome techniques used at organizations such as AirBnB, Facebook and around the world from a baseline of the greatest 1000 innovations over the past 3.5M years. Below are the essential innovation questions that motivate the rapid growth of artisanship and with it the creation of our “Second Enlightenment”.



Patrick Hearn