The 2nd Enlightenment - Smart Cities / Smart Countries.

photo: AutoDesk BUILD Boston Jan 2018 – Development of New Construction Materials under an MIT Program

By Patrick Hearn

An Enlightenment means a new way of seeing science, communications and charging the path to a massive improvement in humanity and our society. Through creation of new environments are we creating forums for a “new reason”.  One such area of radical realignment is the creation of smart cities and with it smart countries.

At a baseline, new construction processes is radically realigning who we are and how we live. From creating safe skyscrapers made of wood, construction materials from sea-shells, new technologies are creating for the first time the vision of “recyclable buildings”.

In the construction process, innovation is including the capability to completely automate the actual construction process itself; not entirely dissimilar to the automation of the mining industry. In the US alone, the construction industry employs over 10 million people

It is not just about construction, there is a new information environment outside of the 3G network using low band frequency specifically focused on IoT connectivity using standard commercial sensors to integrate connectivity. This new micro-data network changes the traditional notions of cost associated with IoT.

To top it off, the addition of energy positive construction buildings we see for the first time the capability to see energy production no longer as a cost of business.

The impacts range run the range of the capital projects’ industries, from oil and gas supermajors and EPC’s to healthcare and life sciences owners and general contractors. With Chris Tisdel, Innovation Evangelist, the advantage of a 25+ year international perspective you have a partner with Holistic Innovations.


Patrick Hearn