Reinforcing Micro-Cultures vs Innovation: Solving with Sense Leadership

by Patrick Hearn

It is well known that Google searches are tailored to where you live, what is advertised and what your search history has been. In social media, your “view” is shaped by the number of contributions made by your network and also yourself (likes, comments, video views, saves, shared posts, etc. are all measurement criteria). Other providers set up environments where your viewpoints, including the ones that “violently agree” are featured more prominently. In essence, the digital world has become a reinforced micro-culture world.

These reinforcing micro-cultures are not just virtual. They can be physical too. They can be Davos, TedTalks, industry tradeshows, and yes companies/organizations.  The advantage of reinforced micro-cultures is it does ensure we become “specialists” in the things we choose to know more about (including cute pictures of cats) but to share amongst only the like-minded risks becoming isolation barriers between groups and force a fracturing of inter-communication. The opposite of innovation.

Leadership by definition is “the action of leading a group of people or organization”. If your actual day is shaped by reinforcing micro-culture, is there a way to truly lead using new ideas, methods or devices and with it achieve actual innovation?

Sense Leadership is the beginning of such a journey and solving the dilemma. The finest leaders do not use techniques but in fact utilize a state of being that translates into acts build upon the value of developing one’s personality, skills and talents by touching on sensibility and intimacy. It relies on the capacity to work on one’s self to find its best expression with confidence to connect with others. With that confidence, the leader is capable of inspiring trust in others, at a second stage of leadership development.

With Valerie Gauthier, you have a methodology that creates self-awareness that comes with the perceived value of qualitative, sensible and personal exchange. The process includes self-portraits, active listening, observation and perception. In a world of reinforcing micro-cultures what better way to find leadership and with it; true innovation.