Global GDP by 40 M People?

Nataxis presentation 2.png
by Patrick Hearn

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are key pillars of the digital economy and entrenched in our daily lives.  In the case of highly automated companies like Facebook, 17 000 full time employees produced close to $27B USD of revenue in 2016. If we use this as a yardstick, we can see how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will make huge changes to the workplace, our productivity, and global society.  Add IoT and you really have today’s new era.

If one looks at both the highly automated companies of today and more traditional industries, such as the US trucking industry holding 8M jobs, is it possible to extrapolate that today’s entire global GDP could be produced by under 40M people? Are we at a new era of value creation?

At HI, the Innovation Genome, part of our Advisory, can guide your organization to what may be the single largest moment in value creation for your business. Last week, Bill O’Connor returned from Central Asia to discuss Innovation to Heads of Government at a multi-national forum. Just prior, it was Karsten Popp at one of the leading Financial Services companies in Europe focusing on Innovation Readiness.  

40 Million….$77 Trillion…now that needs innovation and transformation.