Innovation: The Education Platform for Africa

by Patrick Hearn

Creating innovation through education is seemingly at odds today. Innovation is by default creating totally different kind of future for all ages. How do you foster creativity when in many cultures and societies, the education system has favored rote learning/memorization? Is our 3rd Industrial Age educational system molding us to be either corporate or governmental functionary? Is it sufficient preparation for today’s “learners” when they face a future of being superfluous in our automated and IoT economy. How can we instill and foster creativity throughout every level of society? How can you not only teach people to be creative but incentivize them to be creative?

In May, this is precisely what Holistic Innovations will be doing in South Africa. From intermodal transportation to financial services and mobile technology, a platform that supports Society 5.0. Antennas that provide a forum for Emerging Technologies, Future of Work, Innovation Mindsets & Techniques, and Futurecasting can foster an Innovator DNA. South Africa has a history and present of creating what can only be termed “Fundamental Change”. See you in May!! Stay tuned!!