Does the Automotive Industry Have the Right Innovation Mindset?

by Patrick Hearn

Creating innovative change also comes with innovation management. The automotive industry is unique in terms of shear resources spent in R&D. According to the Center for Automotive Research 3-5% of patents in the US are automotive, $100B USD is spent annually, 60,000 US jobs deal with automotive research. The numbers are staggering. It is an industry within an industry. Yet in any highly complicated environment, is the mindset organized to adequately take on what is a fast paced and multi-faceted stakeholder relationship?

In dealing with innovation management, the key factor of success relies on the capacity to effectively connect all the stakeholders involved in the concerned innovation sector and build open dialogue and trust between them before they start working together.

In the case of self-driving cars as experienced by M-City @ Ann Arbor, Michigan what was most critical was to get around the table representatives from insurance companies, law firms, policy makers, public sector players, alongside with car makers, road construction as well as technology and IoT specialists and other technicians BEFORE anything is done. Once they had all the stakeholders around the table, the goal was to facilitate quality relationships to foster trust and open minds (using the “Savoir-Relier” approach from Holistic Innovations Valerie Gauthier). The objective was to set common goals and a clear sense of purpose for all to engage in the same direction for sustainable innovation re self-driving car development.

Unless this mindset is seriously prepared beforehand and well-executed, the risk of fatal results as with the Uber case in Arizona March 18, could be repeated.

At Holistic Innovations, our team has spent the time and effort building these methodologies and approaches developed from a “Maker’s” mindset and with it, we can help you set the Before, During and After journey.

Patrick Hearn