Innovation Last Night: Future Cities, Fashion, Rail and Private Equity

by Patrick Hearn

The table was set, the guests arrived and the discussions began. Hosted by Bernard Bourigeaud, Chairman of Holistic Innovations the table was honored, as a start, to hear insights on the opportunities and challenges faced by the Luxury market in the digital age. As Helen Lambert (Lambert & Associates) spoke, she was joined by Valerie Gauthier on how executives in the digital era are better equipped to meet those challenges when they understand their own motivations and those of the team alongside to ensure trust and confidence when building the plans. Karsten Popp, CEO Holistic Innovations added that although the focus of digitalization is based on meeting the millennial generation, the iGeneration is, in fact, the more “Digital Focused” given they have only lived in an Internet world.

Marie Celie Guillaume (Paris–La Defense)spoke of era of autonomous transportation with the piloting at La Defense of latest in shuttle transportation. Vipin Sharma, Director International Union of Railways illustrated how these advances in intermodal transportation have huge impacts in rail as seen with the Hyperloop initiative between Mumbai and Pune. 14 minutes instead of 3 hours.

As Jean Paul Bernardini, CEO of Nixen listened it was discussed amongst the group of the role innovation plays within organizations when making choices on private equity opportunities and this “X” Factor is the driver for what stands out amongst a crowd. A reason Weave has proven to be such a success in the Consulting Market. A tip of the hat was made to Weave CEO Didier Rousseau.

In the course of one evening, the linking of mindset, leadership and actual and practical innovation and transformation was set. A dinner was not merely held nor was it simply ideation...”the tip of the spear” showed how with the right mindset we can accelerate innovation with real world experience.

Patrick Hearn