Robots Create Jobs!!


By: Patrick Hearn

About 5 months ago an Alé blog was posted that the future of work was 40M people producing the equivalent of the world’s GDP. AI, Big Data and Robotics would lead the initiative of a declining work-force. It was a prediction the world is headed to 90% unemployment.

This may all be wrong and you only have to look back to see what is possible going forward.

About 40 years ago, the rise of desktop computers was viewed by some as the age that will reduce the need for officer workers. Most significantly in administrative staff. While there has been a shift in office administration, there has been equally a growth in the amount of people working in the private sector and in “white collar positions”. With it productivity and new markets.

Take the case of the amount of growth expected in IoT devices, Robots, Big Data Centers, and other “4th Industrial Revolution” tools and services. In the case of a sensor do we really expect the Chief Data Scientist who designed this multi-purpose robot (shown at the 27th World Gas Conference) to fly to the Shwe gas field development field in Western Myanmar and fix it? The answer is obviously no. It will be technicians and “Doer’s” to ensure that our 4th Industrial Revolution will move right along into the 5th Industrial Revolution. Even today the US recruiting firm Kelly Services is hiring for robot technicians. And it pays (entry level) $80K per year.

This is just one example of what is going to happen with our new technologies.

True visionaries and makers create. They don’t eliminate. This is the essence of innovation.

Happy Birthday Mum.

Patrick Hearn